Regardless of where you go to work out, the right athleisure wear is going to be crucial. With so many options to choose from, though, it’s going to be really hard to find the actual right ones for you without seemingly trying every single pair of leggings or every style sports bra out there to help you on your search. While brand and option are certainly going to be a personal choice, we’ve gone ahead and pulled together some of the most helpful traits to look for when you are shopping around online or in-store. Athletic wear is important and these traits will help you find the right core pieces.

The most important traits for the right workout gear

  • Fit is crucial: If your sports bra or leggings are too big or too small, you’re not going to enjoy wearing them. Make sure that you really do the measurements and fittings to make sure that you are getting the fit that works for you. And, even if after all that, something doesn’t fit, get another size and try it.

  • Stretch matters: Different workout wear is going to have a different kind of stretch and limitations to that stretch. If you’re hunting for workout gear that is going to be able to offer you the stretch and length that you need to enjoy those impressive yoga moves or squats, make sure you know what brands offer the stretch you crave and deserve.

  • Choose moisture-wicking materials: There are some people who feel as though going for a run in classic tees and sweats is fine, but what about comfort? Professional and well-made athletic clothing is designed to wick your moisture away and keep you cool so that you'll be able to keep moving and workout out without feeling like your clothing is loaded with sweat and the odours that it brings. You deserve to workout feeling supported and comfortable. No tees and sweats are going to do that for you!

  • BONUS: Ignore the name!: Okay, so you know that there are certain household names that make workout wear, but did you know that some of the best workout gear isn't going to be anywhere near those brands or their prices? You can find plenty of supportive and well-designed comfortable athletic clothing at bargain prices so that you get quality at a cheaper price.

There’s always a store out there that is going to tell you that their athletic clothing is the best for 400 different reasons. However, the reality is that you, as the wearer and user of these pieces, are going to be the only one who can judge that.

Once you find a brand or a fit that you like, don’t be bullied into finding other ones simply because someone tells you that other workout gear is better. Sure, maybe it’s better -- for them. At the end of the day what you choose to wear to yoga or on your run is going to make you feel good or bad. Exercise is hard work, so why make it any harder by wearing ill-fitting athletic clothing?