When it comes to getting in shape, many people are under the illusion that it takes faithful time at the gym and expensive memberships to exclusive workout routines. However, none of those things are required to get you those toned muscles and perfect abs. In fact, you can do ab exercises right at home and watch as your body transforms itself right in front of your eyes day by day, and workout by workout.

Rely on the the right exercises

You can’t expect results if you aren’t going with the right exercises to get you there, right? In order to get that flat stomach with impressive abs that will make everyone jealous, you should be focusing on the following exercises.

• Crunches and Reverse Crunches
• Sit-Ups
• Russian Twists
• Flutter Twists
• Planks
• Bicycle Sequence
• Leg Raises
• V-Ups

While not a complete list, this wide selection of ab-focused exercises are going to help you form those muscles effectively and exclusively to give you that toned look you’ve been going for. Learning how to do each one effectively will help you get the best burn without putting your health at risk.

All of these ab exercises can also be done safely at home with no need for a personal trainer, equipment, or anything else that the gym or a a similar workout space may have.

Start slow and work towards more repetitions at your own pace .

One of the biggest mistakes in these easy ab workouts is going too fast. If you’ve never successfully done a leg raise or a crunch before, you don’t want to start out with 50-100 of each at a time. Start with a few repetitions of each and then slowly add more as you and your body adjust to the burn and exercise routine itself.

This gives you maximum reward with no chance of over extension or burn out — not to mention injury. Since this is your workout, there no such a thing as going too slow. Move at your own pace.

Stay consistent

You can only enjoy defined abs as long as you are doing these ab exercises at home. You can’t just do them consistently for 3 weeks and then expect them to last you for another 3 weeks without doing a thing. Be consistent in your workouts and you’ll continue to see the positive results as you deserve to. If you need to, mark it on the calendar, set an alarm on your phone, or have a workout buddy to keep you on track!

A strong body is a healthy body, not to mention it’s going to look great, too! If you want to get ourself in shape right from home, with easy and quick exercises, these ab workouts are the sure way to get you there to maximise both your comfort, your energy, and your intended result of defined abs that look great and feel even better when you see them develop in the mirror right in front of your eyes.