Maybe you’re one of the few lucky ones who have gotten used to a daily workout at home and actually enjoy doing it -- if so, you’re certainly among few! However, what happens when the holidays roll around and you’ve got extra commitments (and cookies)? Can you do holiday workouts that will still give you that feeling of enjoying a great workout without cramping your holiday style and schedule? Absolutely! You just need to make sure that you are going about it the right way. Here are some tips to help you out with just this!

The best workouts to do around the holiday season

What you’ll learn is that the holiday season, no matter where you are or what you’re doing to prepare for, and enjoy, it, is going to be workout-friendly. You just have to adapt your workouts to function in these different spaces! Take a look.

Grocery squats: Don’t think you have time for a workout amongst the grocery shopping and cooking? Think again! Every item you put away from your grocery bags, squat! Bonus points if you lunge in from the car to the kitchen counter, loaded with bags. You may want to wear some workout clothes though, as you’ll certainly start to sweat!

Cookie workouts: Are you baking cookies to share (or not?) While they are baking, plan yourself a work out! Whether it’s jumping jacks, resistance band lunges, or good old fashioned push-ups, that timer is going to give you a dedicated space for you to get in a workout while also making sure that you can keep an eye on your cookies as they bake.

Feast walks: If you overeat at a holiday dinner (we’ve all been there), make sure you dedicate some time going for a walk or run the next day. You may not have time for a 45 minute walk every single day, but you can certainly get one in the day after a feast at the very least, right? Helps ease the discomfort, too!

Design workouts for when you aren’t at home: If you are going to be staying with friends or family over the holiday season, plan workouts so that you can do them anywhere. Bring resistance bands or dumbbell replacements for those 10-minute fast, hard workouts. They’ll still give you the feeling of a workout even if it means faster burnout. Don’t forget quality fitness clothing, such as Alanic Activewear pieces to travel with!

Move as much as you can

If worst comes to worst, just make sure you move as much as possible! Whether it’s deliberate extra trips from the car to the house, up and down the stairs, or excessive weight lifting (laundry, for instance), do whatever you can to keep yourself moving. It’ll feel good!

Workouts are important to keep up over the holiday season, but you don’t need to give up anything else in order to fit them in, either! Not even that extra cookie is going to interrupt your workout schedule long-term! Just think: holiday treats without the guilt!