Gone are the days where the term “activewear” referred to a pair of baggy, shapeless sweats and a matching velour zip-up sweater for when you went to the gym.  While you still see a few of those around in the older generation, athletic apparel has come a long way to offer some great trends and styles that are getting more and more popular each month, especially in teens and young adults. But, why?  What makes athletic apparel so appealing, even to those who don’t perhaps go to the gym as much as they’d like and wear it around the house or out and about, instead?  There are a whole lot of reasons, actually!

Activewear is comfortable: Whenever you wear modern-day workout wear, you’ll find it’s just so comfortable. From sports bras to leggings to lightweight sweatshirts, it’s all comfortable and perfect for lounging in at home, heading to grocery store, or out for a jog.  In many cases, activewear is loungewear for lazy days at home!

Activewear is great for moisture-wicking and breathability: Designed to help keep you cool and comfortable when working out, there’s also the fact that modern designs are moisture-wicking and sure to keep you comfortable on those hot and humid days. Whether you’re doing crunches or running laundry up and down the stairs, your workout apparent doesn’t differentiate!  

Athletic apparel helps you look great from all angles: Most workout apparel is focused on helping you look great. Leggings tighten and streamline those legs and rear end. Sports bras keep your chest looking great while keeping you supported, and so on. Workout gear simply looks great and helps you feel great about yourself when you look in the mirror.  Who couldn’t use that extra little confidence boost?

Workout wear is ultra durable and long-lasting: Since your favorite pieces of activewear are meant to hold up over time and lots of use, you’ll also find that the best jackets and sweaters are going to be impressively long-lasting and, therefore, a better investment for your money. Since so much of the apparel that you’ll find is going to look just like your everyday clothing — but better — it’s the socially accepted way to enjoy better craftsmanship and better overall design to give each piece of clothing a longer lifespan.  Since life is constantly getting more expensive, this is often the most logical choice when it comes to clothing budgets.

Regardless of what reason sold the concept of it to you in the first place, the world of activewear and fitness clothing is continuing to expand as more and more people add it to their everyday, socially accepted wardrobes.  This trend is expected to continue to rise in 2021 because the designs are getting better about helping you look at your best while also giving you trendy and comfortable styles for your troubles.  Versatile, fashionable, comfortable and and cost-effective, there’s nothing but positives waiting for the average shopper in the world of activewear and fitness clothing. All that’s left, now, is figuring out which pieces you want to add to your wardrobe first!